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Coffee drinkers will put just about anything in their brew if it means getting a better cup. First it was unsalted grass-fed butter, which is said to increase productivity and suppress your appetite. And now, it’s glucoraphanin—an antioxidant found in broccoli.

A new line of K-Cups from Brassica called truebroc contains 15 milligrams of glucoraphanin. That’s the equivalent of 1 cup of raw broccoli! The antioxidant is extracted from broccoli seeds naturally with hot water, and is said to have detoxification, anti-oxidation, and anti-inflammatory properties. That makes it easier for your body to fight pollutants and toxins. But don’t worry—the coffee doesn’t actually taste like broccoli.

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“You can eat a lot of broccoli and never know how much glucoraphanin you’re getting,” Sarah Sullivan, Brassica’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, told the Baltimore Sun. “[Drinking it] is sort of like getting the health benefits of broccoli in your coffee. It’s a nice easy way to get a little bit more nutrition from something they already do.”

Truebroc coffee is available in a light or dark roast. If you aren’t a coffee person, you’re still in luck, because Brassica also sells truebroc tea! Now you can kill two birds with one stone in the morning: Get your caffeine fix and eat your greens. Or, er, drink them.