Your coffee addiction might actually be GOOD for you, like you need a reason to refill your cup

There’s a lot of research out there about coffee right now, and the messages are a little mixed. Some studies suggest kicking back a few cups of coffee can be bad for your heart, other studies claim coffee is safe if you aren’t drinking so much that your heart races.

But! We have some good news for coffee addicts. New research released by the American Academy of Neurology. suggests that drinking several cups can actually help ward off some serious health issues. The study (actually it was two studies—one done in the US and the other in Sweden) suggests that tossing back large amounts (up to 6 cups) of coffee a day could protect you from multiple sclerosis (MS), a debilitating autoimmune disease that affects your central nervous system, and for which there’s currently no cure.

The research involved looking at a mix of coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers, both with and without MS. Research and included thousands of participants. Those who drank between four and six cups of coffee were found to be 1.5 times less likely to develop MS.

According to the statement released by the AAN, these were the findings:

“The Swedish study found that compared to people who drank at least six cups of coffee per day during the year before symptoms appeared, those who did not drink coffee had about a one and a half times increased risk of developing MS. Drinking large amounts of coffee five or 10 years before symptoms started was similarly protective. In the US study, people who didn’t drink coffee were also about one and a half times more likely to develop the disease than those who drank four or more cups of coffee per day in the year before symptoms started to develop the disease.”

Of course, more research will need to be done before we know for sure whether coffee can help reduce the risk of MS, but this info is encouraging in terms of progress towards preventing a serious illness. It also might make you feel slightly less guilty for ordering a second Grande Latte. Just know your limits, folks. Sometimes, we can all go a bit overboard.

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