If you like your coffee strong and you need at least one (or five) cups to get you through the day, there’s one downside that doesn’t involve feeling super shaky: stained teeth. There may be a solution to this and DON’T WORRY — it doesn’t involve cutting back on your daily fix. Clear coffee could be your futuristic morning drink, thanks to CLR CFF, a transparent coffee created by two brothers who understand the struggle to keep your teeth white without giving up that much-needed caffeine.

The clear coffee is created by treating “high-quality Arabica coffee beans” with “methods which have never been used before,” according to Delish. There’s no need to add sugar or milk to this pure coffee drink — so it’s pretty convenient, too.

The clear coffee looks like a bottle of water, but it’s a “potent cold brew,” according to The Standard. Nagy assured the outlet that each bottle is big enough to last a full day and, based on his track record as a caffeine devotee, I trust his judgement.

But wait, it gets better — if you love coffee libations, CLR CFF is already being used by mixologists.

You’ll have to shell out £5.99 ($7.50) for two 200-ml bottles — but if each lasts for a full day and you typically run to your local coffee shop multiple times, you’ll probably break even. Plus, your pearly whites will thank you.