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July 14, 2017 1:00 pm
Getty Images/Geri Lavrov

We thought nothing could beat a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, what with the swirls of cinnamon sugar that sweeten the milk as you eat. But General Mills just released a new product that has us reaching for an even sweeter breakfast option.

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The bites begin shipping on Monday, July 17 and will be available in the freezer section of grocery stores nationwide by the end of the month. Full distribution is expected by the end of September. To prepare, simply microwave for 30 seconds until warm and gooey. The bites are available in two sizes: an 18-count box for $4, or a 30-count box for $6. The serving size is four donuts.

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Though the bites currently only come in the original Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor, boxes of the cereal are now offered in four additional varieties: French Toast Crunch, Apple Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Strawberry Toast Crunch, and Blueberry Toast Crunch. And here’s a fun fact about French Toast Crunch: it was discontinued in 2006, but returned in 2014 due to popular demand.

This isn’t the first time the cereal has been transformed into another breakfast item. In February, the company launched Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms instant oatmeal packets, complete with a pouch of mix-in toppings.

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