Chrissy Teigen, our collective BFF and Instagram inspiration, posted a very important picture yesterday. The supermodel, TV personality, and foodie extraordinaire uploaded a photo of herself eating pie while crying, and if there is one person who can make eating pie while crying look glamorous and hilarious and totally relatable, it is this woman.

Sure, this all seems very unimportant, but there is something special about the way Teigen presents her love of food and way of being, really. Because not only does Teigen always talk about food, and take pictures of food, but she also’s coming out with her very own cookbook. Girl is obsessed with food, and we love her so much for it.

And we love other things about Teigen besides her realness about snacks. She’s also incredibly body-positive. Remember the time she took an Instagram of her thighs’ stretch marks? Or when she posted a pic of her getting ready for an event and paired it the caption, “Tried to think of something witty but basically just painting myself in makeup and wearing granny panties”? Or when Teigen expressed how she felt about Photoshop on The Meredith Vieira Show, admitting, “I have those apps, the Facetune and Photoshopping ones, and I just didn’t feel like doing it anymore, and I’m never going to do it again, because I think we forget what normal people look like now.”

So, eating pie and crying and making it all funny and adorable may not be the most newsworthy thing in the world, but eating pie and crying and being funny and adorable IS the kind of pick-me-up we all need from time to time. And Chrissy Teigen is just really good at providing pick-me-ups.

Teigen, keep being such a wonderful inspiration to all of us aspiring food-and-body lovers. You’re the real deal, girl.

Images via instagram.