Anna Gragert
Updated Jul 18, 2016 @ 11:36 am
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Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have created the most adorable human being in the galaxy (after all, Pratt does play Guardian of the Galaxy’s Peter Quill). We’re referring to the actors’ 3-year-old son named Jack, who’s (thankfully) featured all over his parents’ Instagrams. While all their photos of Jack tend to be equally squeal-worthy, Chris Pratt’s latest video just instantly became our favorite.

A few days ago, Chris shared a clip of his son at the breakfast table and demonstrated that little Jack is adorably sassy. “Jack, what do you think of your Donald Duck pancake?” Chris asked, referring to the pancake with two strawberries (for eyes, of course) on it. Despite his father’s excitement, Jack clearly isn’t one to lie and he responded, “It doesn’t look like Donald Duck.

After Chris asked Jack to explain why he doesn’t see the pancake’s resemblance, the little boy pointed at his plate, exclaimed, “Daddy, look at it!“, and later addedHe doesn’t have a tail. Where’s his tail?” Chris then made it clear that the pancake art is only showing Donald’s head, butJack didn’t seem fazed.

To add to the hilarity of this video, Chris designed the most wonderful caption. “[D]ad /dad/ noun informal … One’s father,” Chris wrote. “Verb … ‘Chris made a Donald Duck pancake that was basically a perfect photo copy of the picture he saw online and his son Jack refused to see the resemblance, probably out of spite or a deep seeded jealousy of his father’s pancake skills, regardless Chris continued to dad.’

“[R]egardless Chris continued to dad” is Instagram caption perfection.

Yup. This just made our Monday.