Briana Hansen
October 13, 2016 12:12 pm

People can get really creative with their donut treats. From sushi donuts to genuine works of art, there’s always something new and surprising in the donut realm. But we have to admit, this latest donut concoction has us seriously scratching our heads.

On October 15th, a chorizo queso fundido donut will premiere at a food festival and we are not yet sure if we’d be brave enough to try it.

Café Calacas created the hot melted cheese and chorizo combination, then poured it over a brioche donut to create one of the most ambitious so-called “donuts” we’ve ever heard of.

Both the cheesy chorizo portion and the donut itself seem like they’d be incredibly rich, so we can only imagine how intense the taste would be when you combine the two.

Of course, something this risky has got to be pretty delicious.

 The brave food visionaries at Café Calacas seem to already have a ton of awesome, delectable items on their menu. So there’s no doubt that adding a one-of-a-kind donut into the mix will only add to their appeal. Right? Then again, maybe there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing and this combination will be simply too much goodness to handle.

The lucky festival that will get to see this sweet and savory treat is the Oozefest in Santa Ana, California.

 Oozefest prides itself on debuting cheesy creations (that pair great with beer). Basically stuff that looks like this:

As hesitant as we are about unique donut, probably couldn’t help ourselves from at least giving it a try. Maybe it’ll really put the “fun” in “fundido.”

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