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We all know chocolate is amazing in every form, whether it’s a candy bar, hot cocoa, or… an outfit?

Wait, what?

That’s right: Chocolate clothing exists, though not (at least, as far as we know) for practical purposes. Instead, these decadent duds were part of a fashion show at Olympia West in London this weekend, to celebrate the U.K.’s national chocolate week.

If you’re thinking, “How did I miss this?” you’re not alone; an entire week dedicated to chocolate sounds pretty unmissable to us. Luckily, Mashable put together a handy video recap of the fashion show, so you can see the incredible designs. (Be warned: they will make you hungry.) Some of the fashions you see in the video are actually made out of chocolate, while others were simply inspired by the confection.

The event’s site gives more information on the show, which was based around the theme “Once Upon a Time in the Land of Chocolate.” Looking at the garments, which seem to be inspired by princesses, mermaids, and even deer, the fantastical theme makes a lot of sense. Of course, the models are wearing chocolate, so it’s not like some level of fantasy wasn’t already present.

The fashion show even included a children’s area, which was hosted by the award-winning London musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (Oh, how we envy those kids.)

Organized by Salon du Chocolat, the show allowed fashion designers to collaborate with the biggest names in the chocolate world. According to Event some of the partnerships included Caroline McCall and Lindt Excellence, Alexandra Harper Millinery (chocolate hats, FTW) and Café Royal, and Bruno Mirmont with Maison Boissier.

After making their way down the runway, the delectable designs were displayed at the show, enabling festival attendees to get and even closer look at these impressive garments. Hopefully they kept them behind glass; otherwise, we have a feeling some of the garments might have been put back on the racks with bites taken out of them.

Tbh, we’re still a little bummed that we missed seeing the chocolate fashion show in person; however, we’re sure we’ll get glimpses of it in our dreams for weeks to come.

Okay, video time!

Images via YouTube/Mashable