Chocolate-flavored cheese is a thing, and what a time to be alive!

In the midst of the stress of the last few weeks, it’s nice to just sit back and remember that great things exist in the world. Many of them cheese-related! That’s right, time to unleash your inner foodie.

Cosmo just let us know that chocolate cheese is the weird new food you never knew you needed, and we’re TOTALLY on board. Being addicted to cheese, and reconizing that chocolate is the best means that the news of their marriage is literally the most exciting thing ever.

This foodie delight was created by dairy specialist Curds & Whey in Australia, and it’s an Italian blue cheese with chocolate liqueur, topped with chocolate chips and dusted with cocoa powder. In other words, a heavenly dessert cheese plate.


Talking about the flavor, owner Anna Burley told Mashable:

"The blue itself is quite mild, and the liqueur added the chocolate flavor without being sweet."

That sounds…perfect. Yeah, no wonder these things are sold out!

"Choco 21 cheese has arrived! Each wheel of this mild & delicate blue is ripened with Choco 21 Liqueur, rubbed with cocoa and decorated with chocolate chips."

Could the next batch be shipped to American shores, perhaps? We know what we’re wishing for this holiday season…