Dessert for breakfast? Apparently, all of our greatest brunch dreams are coming true!

According to recent reports, the new food trend of the century is having your (literal) chocolate cake and eating it, too! While breakfast has long been the “power-up and energize” meal for sustained energy, new studies say cocoa is linked to higher cognitive function.

It works because your taste buds have already gotten what they wanted. Where has this news been all our lives?!

We’re already daydreaming about all the sweet treats we’ll dive into (once it’s socially acceptable, of course)! At the next Sunday brunch, there doesn’t have to only be eggs. There can be chocolate cake, pudding, brownies, and cookies, too! The possibilities for breakfast or brunch (or early lunch) are nearly endless. Of course, there are seven mornings in a week so that helps a little!

If you’re as excited as we are, we should probably add that the studies also say the benefits only outweigh the negatives if the cocoa doesn’t also have tons of sugar and fat. Sorry to bring a little bad news — but it’s still a good thing.

Maybe one piece of moderately proportioned cake will do the trick. If it doesn’t, well, brunch doesn’t officially end until after noon.