Gina Florio
January 11, 2017 2:51 pm
Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

Out of all the childhood goodies that followed us into adulthood, Chips Ahoy! cookies might be our all-time fave. They’re as tasty and reliable as a snack can be. And lately, Chips Ahoy! has been making us love them even more by stepping up their cookie game. Last year, they released a new kind of cookie that had everyone positively drooling: Chips Ahoy! THINS. They’re just like the original Chips Ahoy! we know and love, only thinner and crunchier.

In August, we were gifted with two different kinds of THINS — Original Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Sugar. Chips Ahoy! is on the verge of releasing another pair of THINS flavors, though, and we just can’t wait. Soon enough you’ll be able to purchase the brand spankin’ new Double Chocolate and Oatmeal THINS.

Crunchy cookie lovers everywhere will be thrilled, and if you’re not a fan of crispy cookies, these new THINS might be just the thing that converts you. What might be even more exciting than the release of these new cookies, however, is how they’re going to be released.

A Chips Ahoy! rep tells HelloGiggles that on Wednesday, January 18th, they will reveal a THIN-credible Cookie Jar in the Time Warner Center in New York City. This isn’t just any cookie jar, though. It’s a giant cookie jar that makes all your dreams come true. It’s ten feet tall and one foot wide, and thousands of cookies will be stuffed inside of it. Save the date, because that jar will only be out there for one day.

Chips Ahoy!

If you want to have the first taste of Double Chocolate and Oatmeal THINS, get your cookie-loving butt over to the Time Warner Center next week. Also, be sure to guess how many THINS are in the ginormous cookie jar, because if you win you get a year’s supply of Chips Ahoy! THINS cookies. #winning

You were born for this. We were all born for this. May January 18th be a special cookie day for us all.