Gina Florio
August 02, 2016 3:32 pm

Today is a good day, my friends. There are new and improved versions of Chips Ahoy! cookies available for purchase, which obviously means our lives have been significantly improved. Allow us to introduce you to Chips Ahoy! Thins: A sleek, chic re-design of the classic treat that’s bound to please countless cookie-lovers everywhere.

If you’re into crunchy cookies, you should be rejoicing right about now.

Chips Ahoy!

If they aren’t exactly your favorite, you’re about to change your mind – because these suckers look downright delicious. There are two different flavors you can choose from: Original Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Sugar. (Yum, yum, yum!) However, keep in mind that these cookies are very crispy. That’s why you should handle their packaging with care… or else you might end up with one too many crumbled-up cookies – and nobody will be a happy camper then.

Chips Ahoy!

In general, Chips Ahoy! has certainly been on-point these days. The new Thins aren’t the only conocotions that are turning our heads. The brand recently released S’mores and Red Velvet variations of the classic cookie. Haven’t had them yet?

Looks like you have a lot of cookie catching up to do:

Oh. Em. Gee. We can’t even handle how tasty these look:

Today is a very good day, indeed.