Jill Layton
Updated Jul 28, 2016 @ 5:23 pm
Credit: Instagram

Chipotle is known for many things — its massive burritos, delicious burrito bowls and the best chips in all the land. One thing Chipotle is not known for? Burgers.

But that’s about to change.

The Mexican restaurant chain announced plans to open a burger joint called Tasty Made this fall in Lancaster, Ohio.

Interesting, right?

Tasty Made will exclusively sell burgers, fresh-cut French fries and milkshakes.

Burgers, fries and milkshakes definitely don’t sound like a bad idea.

Chipotle promises to use fresh-made buns free of preservatives and other artificial ingredients and real ingredients to make the shakes, according to CNN Money.

“We think we can appeal to peoples’ timeless love of burgers, but in a way that is consistent with our long-term vision,” Chipotle founder and co-CEO Steve Ells said in a statement.

Rumors about a Chipotle burger joint circulated back in March when the company filed a trademark request under the name “Better Burger.” So now we know why.

The chain has been desperate to bring customers back into its restaurants after the E. Coli outbreaks across the U.S.. Perhaps offering the all-American meal might do it, but we’ll need to try it before we get behind it.

Until then… burritos and chips for life!