Lindsey Sirera
April 05, 2017 5:19 pm

For foodies who sit around and ponder, you know,  food, it makes sense that simple, flavorful ingredients can go a long way when creating new combos and concoctions. And for menu-abiding Chipotle lovers, that means there’s a lot of unchartered territories to explore. Because given the Mexican food chain’s proclivity for mixing fresh and ultra-tasty ingredients into delectable burritos and burrito bowls, it turns out there are even more combinations they’ll whip up for a paying customer…on the DL, of course.

If you consider yourselves true Chipotle connoisseurs (like us), you owe it to yourselves to get acquainted with their little known secret menu. From mind-blowing medleys to life-altering ordering tricks, this is your comprehensive guide to Chipotle’s glorious secret menu.

1Chicken 3-Pointer

Cost-effective and protein-packed, this healthy option is a lunch no brainer. By the looks of it, ingredients include chicken, fresh tomato mild salsa and maybe some tomatillo salsa. Oh, and if you’re not a fan of this combo, then no worries because any three-ingredient bowl counts as a three-point bowl, and qualifies as half the stated menu price of a bowl. Score!


Nachos? Yasss queen. To order this revitalized classic, just request chips in place of rice in a burrito bowl and then pile on the toppings as you see fit (including copious amounts of creamy queso). It may not be the most out-of-the-box idea, but it is one of the most delicious.

3Chipotle Crunch Wrap Supreme

Similar to the Taco Bell version, this baby is ~infintely~ better. In addition to being a toasted double-wrapped burrito (which is free of charge for any burrito, BTW), this concoction seems to have crunchy tortilla chips inside as well for optimal deliciousness.


Also a spinoff of a Taco Bell classic, this is simply a cheesy quesadilla that wraps your traditional burrito. Words do not adequately express how ~dayum~ delicious this is.


Speaking of quesadillas, you can get a standalone one as your meal as well. It may seem obvious, but this go-to Mexican option isn’t technically written out on the Chipotle adult menu (the kiddie option is there, though). Whether you want a plain-and-simple cheese-stuffed one or want to pack on all the toppings, there are plenty of customizable quesadilla options you can create.


Slightly less massive than the quesarito, order a burritodilla by asking for a layer of cheese spread on top of a flat tortilla, then layering in your normal ingredients, then adding another layer of cheese. Fold gently and have them press it as they would a quesadilla. Bam!

7The 2-for-1

Okay, so this is really more an ordering hack than an actual item. But, if you order a bowl (with ample toppings, obviously!) and ask for two tortillas on the side (fo’ free!), you can make ~two~ burritos for the price of one. Because we all know a lot more fits in a bowl than just a tortilla. This is a budget-friendly option for people who can’t get enough burritos (like us).

8A side of fresh cilantro

Not a full-out concoction, but it’s a little-known fact you can get handfuls of this zesty herb sprinkled atop any order. And it’s free. For those of you who love cilantro (AKA don’t have the tastebud that makes it taste like soap), this is superb news.

9The single taco

While it’s hard to believe that anyone could walk into Chipotle without being tempted to take home massive amounts of food, there are single taco options if you’re just feeling “snacky.” Instead of the three-taco combo, take home a single for just $2.25.