You may remember a few months back when we shared some bummer news about the calories and sodium levels in a Chipotle burrito (Ugh, ugh, triple ugh.) But I bet you lived by our strict #noregrets policy, and kept on eating there, just like the President of America would want you to. Well, now there’s more news…The kind that would halt even the most avid of Chipotle fans for a beat.

The E.Coli outbreak has spread to three more states —Ohio, California, and New York. According to CNN, “The E. coli outbreak linked to Chipotle restaurants has now caused 45 cases of illness across six states, according to CDC. Sixteen of those ill individuals have been hospitalized.”

Beginning in August, Chipotle’s tasty creations have caused three massive food borne illness outbreaks, starting with salmonella in California in August, then expanding to 64 Minnesotans in September. And just a couple of weeks ago, 37 people in Oregon and Washington were found to have E. Coli, forcing Chipotle to close 43 of its locations. Shortly after, they faced their first lawsuit. (Recently those locations were reopened.)

Chipotle prides itself (and sells itself) largely based on their fresh, tasty, and sustainably sourced ingredients. For example, just a few months ago, chipotle was having issues with a carnitas (pork) shortage, due to an issue with their pork supplier, whom they had discovered was not raising their pigs by the standards they required. So, it’s extra unfortunate that the chain has faced such issues with sourcing their products.

Luckily, this public awareness has caused Chipotle to really crack down on these issues, and they’re taking every step possible to ensure all locations are safe. So, the answer to ‘Should I get a burrito tonight?’ is still ‘Yes. Always, yes.”

(Image via Chipotle)