Attention Chipotle Addicts: We see FREE Chipotle in your future!

Starting July 21st, Chipotle is doling out BOGO goodness for a free entrée in exchange for a few minutes of your time on their new “Friend or Faux?” website. The ridiculously delicious Lord of the Burrito is setting up an interactive game that asks you to take a list of 20 ingredients and figure out whether they belong in a Chipotle item, an item like a burger from a popular fast-food chain, or in both. After completing the Chipotle-proclaimed “game of foods, flavors, and fakery,” you are rewarded with a coupon for an awesome burrito! Pretty easy, right?!?!

But, this isn’t the only prize you can possibly win. If you are one of the 50 randomly lucky people, you will receive Chipotle for AN ENTIRE YEAR for both you and a friend. Or, you could be one of the 100 players who score a catered party for 20 people. No matter what happens, it all ends well with a little (or a lot) of food for gratis so it’s totally a win-win situation.

If you really want to up your chances of scoring free burritos, you can also tweet or post a Facebook status about the game after you play and get an extra entry in the Chipotle lotto. The challenge will be on until August 31st, so get ready to find out about all the weirdo additives and preservatives in different foods and eat even more Chipotle than you already do.

Check out a few sneak-peek screenshots from the game and be prepared to play next Tuesday: