Channing Sargent
October 08, 2016 9:19 am

Burrito season is upon us! Oh, is that not a thing? Chipotle begs to differ. October 31st, known to some as Halloween, also happens to be “Boo-rito” day at the Mexicanish chain, in which customers can get one of their massive burritos for just $3. But you gotta know how:

1. Dress up in costume.

Any costume. But, it’s gotta be a Halloween costume. You can’t just show up in your regular clothes and and give some sorry excuse like, “I’m myself, duh.”

2. Arrive at any Chipotle location after 3:00pm.

3. Order a burrito, or a burrito bowl, salad, or tacos.

4. Pay.

It’ll only cost you $3!

See? Easy. The chain wisely amended their original “Boo-rito” promotion from requiring customers to wear a burrito costume (which probably nobody did, and then Chipotle was like, “uh, worst idea ever,”) and now they only ask that you be in costume, any costume.

They’ve pledged to donate all proceeds up to $1 million from the Boo-rito event to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, a charity that supports sustainable farm practices and food literacy.

Each year has a different price point and philanthropic purpose, so the $3 thing is only this year, and you’ll only have the one day to take advantage.

So make sure you read the instructions above again, and follow them closely, or you won’t get to join in on burrito day and you’ll be super bummed you missed out.

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