Olivia Jakiel
August 25, 2016 3:47 pm

Fall is literally just right around the corner and there is nothing more satisfying than bundling up in an over-sized sweater, enjoying the cool breeze, and indulging in some comfort food.

And if you thought Starbucks was the *king* of fall indulgements, I have to inform you that there is a new royal to take the throne. U.S. burger chain Red Robin just debuted their — wait for it — chicken and waffles BURGER just in time for fall.

According to the chain’s website, the Bee’s Knee’s Finest Chicken Burger is a “mouth-watering twist on chicken and waffles featuring an all-natural, crispy, tempura-fried chicken breast glazed in Angry Orchard honey, spicy jalapeño relish, citrus-marinated tomatoes and onions with shredded romaine on a Belgian waffle bun.”

Red Robin

Um, okay, threaten us with a good time, why don’t you? That sounds absolutely incredible! And the comfort food perfection doesn’t stop there! Red Robin is also offering S’mores Sweet Potato Fries, which is exactly what it sounds like: crispy sweet potato fries topped with marshmallows, hot fudge, and a bit of sea salt. They’re also offering a S’more milkshake to complete the holy comfort food trifecta.

Red Robin

There’s one catch here, though. These dishes are only available for a limited time through November 6, so grab them while you can!