Stephanie Hallett
September 14, 2016 2:30 pm

Hold onto your hats, friends, because your go-to breakfast choice may be doing you more harm than good.

As Vox recently pointed out, so many American breakfast choices are packed with sugar and lacking the nutrients we need to feel satiated.

Take a look at this chart from Vox: It compares typical breakfast options to dessert, and shows just how much sugar is in those muffins we grab on the way to work.



One of the items on this list that surprised us most is yogurt: We’ve heard so much about the health benefits of Greek yogurt over the last few years, but the truth, thanks to that fruit on the bottom, is that we’ve accidentally been consuming more sugar in our morning meal than in the you-survived-another-Monday scoop of ice cream we sometimes have after work.

The news isn’t great for fans of granola or Cheerios Protein, either. Granola can be unexpectedly high in calories and sugar, and Cheerios Protein — the new cereal that promises increased nutritional benefits — contains four teaspoons of sugar, more than even Frosted Flakes, which literally has a sugary substance in its name.

The good news is there are plenty of healthy, simple and delicious breakfast options that don’t equate to eating three Chips Ahoy cookies (ahem, Honey Nut Cheerios) for breakfast.

If you want something warm and rich, Vox suggest eggs with sautéed veggies — a “dependable, nutrient-rich option.”

And if you’re more of a yogurt person, you can always skip the ones with sugary fruit mush at the bottom and try plain yogurt with your own fresh-cut fruit.

Head over to Vox for more healthy breakfast options!