A trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter isn’t complete without a little something from Honeydukes and a Butterbeer to wash it down. The cauldron cakes are another Harry Potter classic, but one must admit, they weren’t the most exciting things to look at.

But the cauldron cakes at Universal Orlando have been revamped, and the internet has lost its mind over the spectacular cakeover. The pastries now have colorful flames and are served in reusable cauldrons that can make perfect keepsakes long after their contents are consumed.

We’re already planning to take ours to Professor Slughorn’s Potions class.

According to the Orlando Informer’s Instagram account, the cakes are being sold for $9.95, which is quite the increase from their original $3.95 price tag.

But fans don’t seem to mind the price increase. For a reusable cauldron — that you can use for baking — and a cake that looks like a straight-up piece of art, the extra $6 seems worth it.

And no offense to its predecessor (it was super cute, we swear)…

…but we have to say these new guys are straight fire (pun intended).

If you want to pick up a new cauldron cake, you can do so at Honeydukes in Hogsmeade or Sugarplum’s Sweet Shop in Diagon Alley.

While you’re enjoying your treat, think about the fantastic at-home mug cakes you can whip up in your Harry Potter cauldron. Or you can use it to sip on some homemade Butterbeer. It’s the sweet treat that keeps on giving.