Everyone loves getting a fortune cookie — it’s one of the best parts of getting Chinese takeout. Whether they’re profound or bizarre, the little wedges of cookie definitely brighten our day. But we have to admit, we’re pretty into this new idea coming out of Japan: fortune cat cookies.

Made by Felissimo, these sweets look a lot like the usual fortune cookies, but inside you won’t find a slip of paper. Instead, you’ll find a little cat! The cat itself can’t be eaten, as it’s a figurine, but it’s so adorable you’ll want to hang onto it anyway.

For $20, you can get two of the senbei rice crackers and a packet of other candies made by the feline-centric company. They are called “Hide-and-Seek Kitty Candies”, and the design on the little round cats will change every month.

It’s a little more involved than collecting fortunes, but could they be cuter?

Yup, we’re into it.

(Images via Felissimo)