A bottle of Hello Kitty rose wine
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Right now is a wonderful time to be a fan of Hello Kitty. There’s tons of merchandise, from clothes and food to beauty and home goods. And now there’s a new Hello Kitty product: Hello Kitty rosé. It’s another thing to add to your must-have Hello Kitty collection, and it may be the best one yet.

Sanrio, the company behind the mega-successful Hello Kitty franchise, has decided to venture into the world of alcoholic beverages. The company has partnered with the Italian Torti Winery to bring fans six Hello Kitty-themed wines. Although this amazing plan was announced last year, the rosé has just become available for purchase online recently.

As you can imagine, fans are going crazy for this Hello Kitty-themed beverage.

The Hello Kitty rosé comes in a few varieties, if you’re looking to throw an end-of-summer wine party.

You can partake of the regular sparkling variety for $30, while the pricier limited edition run for $40. For those looking for something simpler, you can opt for a no-frills sparkling pink wine. There’s also a pinot noir if you have any friends who aren’t fans of rosé (although that’s frankly kind of hard to imagine).

We’re absolutely in love with this product idea, we need to try every variety of Hello Kitty wine Sanrio has to offer. This sounds like the perfect excuse to throw a pink-themed rosé party before summer comes to a close. Put on your favorite Hello Kitty makeup, and you’ll be ready for a perfectly pink rosé bash.