Kenya Foy
December 05, 2016 9:56 am
fireballwhisky /

So, it’s Monday and probably (maybe) way too early in the week to be thinking about hard liquor, but we figured you’d want to know this sooner than later so here goes: You can now buy Fireball whisky in a box, Cosmo reports. Right about now, we imagine those grandmas who did Fireball shots are recklessly racing down their local grocery store aisles to buy up all the boxes because nothing says fun like a few rounds of drunken Parcheesi.

Get it, grandmas. And while you’re there, pick us up a box or two because our scandalous office holiday parties won’t be poppin’ without it.

Not that we wouldn’t totally buy this drink without seeing it first, but here’s a photo of the almighty, cinammon-meets-liquid fire liquor in its boxed container, which was released earlier this year under the fitting moniker Firebox:

There’s still plenty things we don’t know about Fireball whisky, but we’re quite confident that this boxed concoction just made our holiday season infinitely better.