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Drop whatever you’re doing and send positive pastry vibes to France. The country is facing a butter shortage that has led to serious pastry issues, and it’s sent the entire baking culture in France into a tailspin.

But, hold up — how exactly does a butter shortage occur? Well, prices have doubled from $2,818 a ton to $5,975 between April 2016 and now.

And while this could have repercussions throughout the entire food industry, France’s pastries are the prime concern — it’s basically pastry capital of the world, after all.

Approximately 38,000 French people are employed by the baking industry, and the country’s pastries are a $9.58 billion industry. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

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The food experts at Eater believe there are two main causes: a decrease in powdered milk production, and the overall lower fat content of cows’ milk, which is linked to climate change.

The Federation des Entrepreneurs de la Boulangerie (FEB) has advised bakers to raise the prices of their pastries and treats to make up for the increased butter cost. But right now it looks like many people will need to bid “adieu” to their daily croissant habit — or take a massive hit to their bank accounts.