Credit: Warner Brothers Pictures

Finally, our late-night food craving prayers have been answered. Earlier this week, Domino’s Pizza India blessed us with the burger-pizza, a creation that, according to Domino’s, “looks like a burger, tastes like a pizza.” false

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The burger-pizza features two herb-flecked crusts as buns and appears to be stuffed with toppings, molten mozzarella cheese, and savory tomato sauce. For those pizza lovers who like their slices extra doughy, we imagine that these sammies taste like heaven on earth.

But before you place your burger-pizza delivery order, brace yourself for the bad news: Right now, the only place to find this cheesy, saucy goodness is halfway across the world. Currently, there are several varieties of burger-pizzas available only in India. So ironically, if you want a taste of this all-American junk food fantasy, the fastest way to get it is to book a flight. We’re not above it.

With that, please enjoy this GIF of Ryan Gosling eating a slice of pizza.