Lilian Min
March 19, 2015 5:12 pm

“No Whopper, no life” — that’s the tagline for a new Burger King perfume, and if everything about that sentence sounds too good/terrible to be true, prepare yourself.

Burger King Japan announced the release of Flame-Grilled, a perfume based off of the brand’s signature burger, on April 1st. Before you take this too seriously, keep in mind the date: April Fool’s Day. Though the pranking tradition is stronger in western countries, more and more Japanese companies are getting in the fun. Also, Burger King Japan’s ad for Flame-Grilled is, in a word, extra:

Because nothing says “Hello ladies” like a man in a suit and a flaming bottle branded with the Burger King logo. If that didn’t appeal to you, perhaps this date-themed ad will change your mind?

On the other hand, we’ve seen plenty of food-related cosmetics on the market, and no, we’re not talking about citrus-scented lip balm or anything sensical like that. We live in a world with Cheetos, Play-Doh, and Macbook perfumes, so would a Whopper-related scent really be that out of place?

And then there’s this to consider: Burger King has already released a scent before. Flame, the chain’s signature cologne, debuted in 2008 but has since left the market. Not letting failure in one country get to them, Burger King Japan is picking up the burger perfume torch — hey, they’ve gotten away with other strange food-related news before.

There’s only one thing left to do: Wait for April 1st. Until then, we’ll satisfy our fast food perfume fix with… nothing, because novelty aside, that sounds gross.

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