Anna Gragert
February 10, 2016 9:48 pm

Not a lot of people remember this, but there was a (very brief) time when Burger King went rogue. During the late 1900s, they betrayed their name and sold… hot dogs. And now they’re going back for seconds.

So Easy Productions / Giphy

On February 23rd, Burger King will start selling the self-proclaimed “Whopper of hot dogs” to all United States locations (because go big or big home, right?). There will be two varieties: 1) The $1.99 Classic Grilled Hot Dog, which is topped with chopped onions, relish, mustard, and ketchup. 2) The $2.29 Chili Cheese Dog containing, you guessed it, chili and cheese. According to Fortune, the chain spent 1.5 years working to make the hot dogs evoke outdoor barbecue vibes – grill marks and all.

Mark Burnett Productions / Giphy

For those who are not impressed by either of the above options, you can customize your 100% beef dog. Although, you may not want to because, during a test run last year, these two options won out when released alongside a “Rodeo” hot dog (cheese, onion rings, barbecue sauce) and an “A1 Ultimate” dog (cheese, bacon, A1 sauce, and a corn dog).

And they’ve already started to spread the word, responding to Rebel Wilson’s tweet saying that she should be their spokesperson with this quip:

Now, the only question is: how do people feel about this change in the fast food game? Some are getting philosophical:

Others are having a personal crisis because of Burger King’s name:

There are those who are highly opposed:

And quite a few people are participating in what should be called the Great Ketchup Debate:

Then again, several are totally on board:

Who knew hot dogs could elicit so many different, highly specific opinions?

With all these perspectives in mind, Burger King is definitely going to have their hands full. Because, apparently, no eatery is immune to judgement when releasing a new menu item (especially if it incorporates ketchup).