Ashley Rey
Updated Mar 20, 2017 @ 5:08 pm

With St. Patrick’s Day over, the next major holiday is Easter, and that means it’s time for bunny shaped treats. Maybe that’s why sandwich enthusiasts in Japan are going crazy over this bunny bread!

There’s but so much that you can do to a sandwich before it becomes too much. And the folks over at Usagi-za Lepus bakery in Tokyo seem to understand this. Thanks to them, our pals across the pond will never have to worry about how to spice up their boring loaves ever again. Because, their bunny-shaped creation will do just that — each and every time.

But, what exactly is “bunny bread,” you ask? Loaves baked into a shape of a crazy cute bunny rabbit! And according to a Japanese reporter from Rocket News 24, the texture and taste were better than any other typical white slices they’ve tasted.

Still curious to why the bunny bread is the greatest thing ever?

Well, we’ve got our hands on a few Tweets that totally prove this to be true. Thank goodness for social media!

Yeah, it’s pretty much perfect.

So much so, that we will never complain about eating the ends of the loaves ever again.

And the slices are totally Instagram worthy, too!

Cutest thing ever.

I mean, it’s a pretty adorable bunny though, we feel a tiiiiny bit guilty for eating its head. Still, when the sandwich calls, you answer. Maybe this bread bunny would be SAD if we didn’t eat it. So, with our guilt overcome, the only thing left to do now is to start planning for our trip to Tokyo.