Kenya Foy
March 10, 2017 12:07 pm

As parents and teachers often tell kids, learning a skill can lead to a very fulfilling career path. Well, we found a couple of young’uns who heeded that advice, and their talent has led to internet stardom. As Delish reports, these two young brothers toss pizza dough like pros, because they totally are.

At 10 and 12 years old respectively, Michael and Nicholas Tesla are basically pizza tossing and spinning machines. In the past five years, the brothers got their pie-prepping down to a science. (Meanwhile, some adults don’t even know which foods constitute the most disgusting pizza toppings and which ones don’t.)

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Anyway, seeing this two kids in action is the furthest thing from an episode of Hell’s Kitchen — they actually know what they’re doing. The Tesla boys work at Carmine’s Pizza Factory, their father’s Jersey City restaurant, where they recently showed all the aspiring spinners and tossers exactly how it’s done in a Facebook video captioned “Practice makes perfect!!”

In the clip, the brothers take turns flipping the dough and passing it back and forth, making it look way too easy.

Sweet! The brothers’ unofficial pizza tossing tutorial has racked up more than 20 million views since it was posted in February.

We can’t help but review all of the grand accomplishments from our childhood to see how they measure up to these two kids, but somehow those wins from back in the day seem to escape us at the moment. However, we’re more than confident that we were more preoccupied with eating pizza than with flipping it.