Angelica Florio
December 19, 2016 12:46 pm
BBC News/

Say what you will, but the Brits don’t mess around when it comes to pies. Okay okay, I’m sure not all Brits are obsessed with pie, but a group of people from Wigan, Great Britain, just sent a meat and potato pie into space so…at least some Brits take their pies very seriously.

According to The Guardian, inspiration for the pie-in-the-sky came from scientists who are attempting to change the molecular structure of plants. And why would a group of people want to change the molecular structure of a meat and potato pie, you ask?

In preparation for the World Pie Eating Championship that’s being held in Wigan on Tuesday, the group of pie-enthusiasts thought that shooting the pie into space might allow its consumption go faster.

Watch the most British thing to ever happen for yourself, and watch a pie go to space! (Bet you never thought you’d do that, huh?)

The owner of a local bar, Tony Callaghan, told The Guardian, 

It was Callaghan that organized balloon-launching experts from Sheffield, GB’s SentIntoSpace to come launch the pie from “a pub car park.

So, did it work?

Not exactly. The pie didn’t quite make it to space — but it made it 29 miles above the Earth’s crust, which is pretty damn high for a pie.

Will space pies become a thing now?

In short, we hope so.

The journey for that sky-pie isn’t even over yet. As if it hasn’t been through enough! Participant Bill Kenyon told The BBC,

We’re not really sure if he’s joking, but we’re guessing he’s not because these pie-eaters are NOT messing around, and we love them for it.