Lilian Min
July 29, 2015 2:26 pm

Breaking Bad is the pop culture gift that keeps giving — we’ve got the official spinoff in the form of Better Call Saul, but fans of the original BB duo have been busy creating fan works of every kind and scale. One of the most ambitious ones is finally open: Breaking Bad coffee shop that serves everything from test tube drinks to—of course—Blue Sky “meth” cupcakes.

Walter’s Coffee Roastery started as a Kickstarter years ago, but now it’s finally open and doing justice to its original inspiration. Take, for example, the impeccable packaging for its coffee beans (also, #BreakingBeans; genius):

No Breaking Bad-inspired eatery could get away with skipping on the blue rock “candy,” so here’s an action shot of “Walt” delivering the goods:

But of course, this is a coffee shop, so what are patrons saying about the coffee?

In all seriousness, Walter’s Coffee Roastery has nabbed the crown for “best fan tribute” ever, but if you’re looking to make a pilgrimage, you’ll probably need to get your passport ready: The store currently only has one location, and it’s in Istanbul, Turkey. Start planning your trip now, or perhaps wait for the Walter’s Coffee international launch. May we suggest that their first U.S. location be in Albuquerque?

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