Claire Livia
Updated May 01, 2014 @ 5:38 pm

Here’s the thing: I’ve never ridden a horse. I know.

When my mom and I went through old pictures a while back, we realized that I once was on a pony at a fair, but that’s about where my equestrian experience ends.

But what I lack in horse riding experience I make up for I horse racing enthusiasm. This is entirely because of that amazing scene in My Fair Lady when all the beautiful people in their beautiful black and white outfits pose, and not at all because of the super sketchy horse track in Vancouver, that you need to get extremely drunk to enjoy, which I can’t in good conscience recommend.

In My Fair Lady, it’s so elegant, so regal. The dresses are so stunning, the hats. The hats! I swoon.

So in honor of the Kentucky Derby this weekend, let’s celebrate the elegance and make mint juleps. Just please, wear a hat when you drink it okay?

Mint Julep

Per Drink:
1 Sugar Cube
3 Mint leaves, plus some to garnish
2 oz Bourbon
Crushed Ice

In the bottom of a cup muddle the mint leaves gently.

Add in the sugar cube and bourbon and muddle until the sugar is dissolved.

Add in the crushed ice and drink immediately.