Yes, you read that correctly. But no, you won’t actually get to eat AT Bob’s Burgers (but that is a GREAT IDEA for later). Instead, you’ll be able to whip up the burgers yourself, in the comforts of your own home, which is basically the next best thing—and something I feel Tina would approve of.

While everyone is a diehard Bob’s Burgers fan, one viewer took his love of the show — and burger jokes — to the next level. Cole Bowden, who started the Bob’s Burgers Experiment blog back when he was a senior in college, is now having his creations turned into a cookbook. He’s adapted whatever Bob writes as the “Burger of the Day” on his chalkboard, and turned it into a meal you can actually eat — which, yes, is the best Bob’s Burgers tie-in ever.

Bob’s Burgers creator, Loren Bouchard, has been a fan of the blog since it started, and told NPR’s The Salt that, “It was maybe the best example of how doing a show in the age of the Internet can be such a satisfying experience.” OK, we agree, because some of the burgers look amazing.

“The Blondes Have More Fun-Gus Burger”

“Baby You Can Chive My Car Burger”

“The Wake Me Up Before You Go-Goji Berry Burger”

“The Final Kraut Down Burger”

“Parma Parma Parma Chameleon Burger”

Sorry for all the mouth-watering pictures of burgers. But burgers are important and it needed to be done. The cookbook is still in its very early stages of development, but it’s set to include Bowden’s recipes and Bouchard’s own illustrations, too. And as long as there are new episodes of Bob’s Burgers, and new burgers to be made, this burger experiment will never be complete. Hallelujah.

Images via here and here.