When you eat a slice of ‘za, do you dab it with a napkin before you partake? Maybe you blot your pizza because you’re not a fan of the greasy feeling after you’re finished eating, or maybe you do it because you’re healthy. If the latter, though, we have bad news — turns out that the study that suggested blotting your pizza will save you calories may have been one big marketing ploy. Le sigh.

BuzzFeed recently explored the issue surrounding dabbing your pizza, citing articles and infographics that claims if you eat 87 pieces of pizza a year, and you dab every single one of those slices, you can save yourself two pounds worth of calories. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, BuzzFeed further pointed out that the study behind this claim was published 15 years ago by Georgia-Pacific Health Smart Institute and found that up to 17% of pizza’s saturated fat can be blotted away using the “pizza pat” — folding a paper towel, laying it on top of the pizza, and patting it before flipping it over and doing the whole thing over again.

But here comes the kicker: As BuzzFeed points out, Georgia-Pacific Health Smart Institute is an initiative of Georgia Pacific. And Georgia Pacific makes paper towels and other paper products. You know, paper towels you may use to pizza pat, like ALL OF THESE:

Unfortunately (and, perhaps, conveniently?) the study is no longer available due to its age, Georgia-Pacific director of Communications and Public Affairs Anna Umphress told BuzzFeed. When they asked Sparkle Paper Towels Brand Director Katie Kolesky through a representative, she said that the company is no longer “making claims on the absorbency of grease and Sparkle Towel at this time and that the article [study] has been removed from all GP sites. . . We are currently not making these claims with respect to current Sparkle.”

BuzzFeed then asked a nutritionist cited in an infographic about pizza dabbing. The nutritionist, Heidi Skolnik, MS, CDN, FACSM, spoke 15 years ago about pizza dabbing on Good Morning America, and that information was on the infographic. But now, Skolnik has changed her tune. You can dab if you want, she says, but you’re not changing your calorie intake all that much, as pizza still “has plenty of fat,” and either way, it’s “not going to make or break your total eating plan.”

Well, there ya have it, folks. To dab or not to dab? That is. . . well, not really the question, since it all depends on what you prefer and has pretty much no impact on your health. Just eat pizza and enjoy it, because pizza is still the raddest.

(Image via iStock.)