Black Tap Milkshakes, featuring lots of candy garnishes
Credit: Desiree Navarro/WireImage

Milkshakes are seriously the best. No one knows that better than IT’SUGAR and Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer. With their powers combined, they brought us marvelous milkshake creations look intricate and delicious. These milkshakes were only found in NYC, but now, Black Tap Milkshakes are finally available on the West Coast.

Los Angeles residents are in luck. Starting Saturday, June 10, Black Tap Milkshakes will be served at Fat Sal’s Deli in Hollywood. But if you want to get the Banana Waffle Salted Caramel Shake, you have to go today, because it’s only available this weekend.

Their other milkshakes look like this.

And this.

And this.

The pairing of the milkshake with the restaurant makes sense, because Fat Sal’s co-owner Josh Stone grew up with Black Tap founder and chef Joe Isidori in New York. Both trained in the fine dining scene, but prefer more casual fare.

Definitely no complaints from us. Will the milkshake’s popularity spark the creation of more Black Tap restaurants across the country? We can only hope, but it sounds like a good idea. These treats should be available everywhere and all of the time.