Johnni Macke
Updated Jan 29, 2017 @ 9:09 am
Credit: Cyrus McCrimmon/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is just around the corner? In honor of the holiday, we’ve rounded up the best and worst candies for Valentine’s Day.

While some people use the romantic holiday to hangout with the love of their life, or watch rom-coms without any judgement, we’re in it for the candy. See the best and the worst candies for the love-filled holiday below.

PS: No judgement if you’re reading this in order to buy yourself a tasty V-Day treat!


Butterfinger Hearts

These are actually the best thing about Valentine’s Day. Butterfinger hearts are somehow better than the normal Butterfinger candy, and we just love them so much. Plus, you can have so many of them and not feel too guilty.

Valentine’s M&Ms

M&Ms are tasty, oh so tasty! It really doesn’t matter what flavor M&Ms are your favorite, because when they are pink, red and white, they get even better.

Sour Candy Hearts

Calling all sour candy fans, these are for you. We love any sour treat, but these sour hearts are the perfect gummy treat. Plus, they don’t have that many calories, so yay!

Assorted Chocolates

It might seem a little cheesy, but there really isn’t anything better than a box full of chocolates. An assorted chocolate box is the best of the best for sure. Oh, and you don’t need a significant other to have these delicious treats on February 14th.


Red, Pink, and White Candy Corn

Candy corn is meant for Halloween. Sure, they taste good in small batches, but the day of love should NOT include corn — especially candy corn.

Heart Peeps

As much as we want to like Peeps, they just never taste as good as they look. The heart Peeps are so cute, but they are too much…even for Valentine’s Day.

Conversation Hearts

Okay, we know this might be a little controversial, but we have to get real. Conversation hearts are a definite hit or miss. Some brands are SO good, like original Brach’s version, but other versions are too risky flavor-wise.

Cinnamon Hearts

People seem to have a love-hate relationship with cinnamon hearts. Sure, they are a sassy candy, and totally work with the holiday, but they can be a little too spicy for our general tastes.

Maybe you absolutely love some of these candies. And, hey, to each their own. These are just our humble opinions.

Of course, like all gifts, it’s always the thought that counts. So if your loved one gets you something you’re not crazy about, at least you know they were thinking of you.