Sammy Nickalls
March 11, 2016 8:59 am
Imgur / SharkThug

Remember last week, when the Internet found out it could eat Benedict Cumberbatch’s face in chocolate Easter bunny form? The “Benedict Cumberbunnies” received mixed responses, with some finding them bizarre; others, wonderfully brilliant (ICYWW, I’m in the latter category). Not surprisingly, Reddit wasted no time in responding the way Reddit normally does: Using the Cumberbunnies as a Photoshop challenge.

Yesterday, Reddit user benscookie started a thread challenging other Redditors to Photoshop the Benedict Cumberbunnies into hilarious images. And, as usual, they did not disappoint.

We’re seriously hoping this book becomes real, for example:

Imgur / SharkThug

This gives a whole new meaning to Easter Island:

Imgur / the92jays

This is called “Donnie Dark Chocolate,” because puns:

Imgur / Animal-Kingdom

OK, this one is a little bit unsettling, even with a cute bunny in it.

And of course, someone had to involve Wonka:

Is it weird that we kind of want this to be real?

But we *don’t* want this to be real. We prefer non-chocolate Benedict for our Sherlock binges — no nonsense.

Imgur / __________________l

Check out the rest of the creations in the thread. Oh, Reddit, always putting your time to good use.