Olivia Harvey
Updated Dec 13, 2016 @ 10:53 am
Image of Bella Hadid
Credit: Paul Bruinooge/Getty Images

Count this as reason number 7,654 why we love Bella Hadid. Victoria’s Secret model Bella Hadid revealed she eats a grilled cheese every single day, and we knew we liked Bella. She’s a fellow cheese addict! Hadid recently posted an image to her Snapchat of a perfectly toasted grilled cheese sandwich paired with some french fries and ketchup. She captioned the pic, “My meal everyday.” Weird. This is our meal everyday, too…

Is this all it takes to become a world renowned supermodel? If so, waiter! We’ll take a grilled cheese and a side of fries! And honestly, keep them coming!

Credit: Snapchat / babybels777

Note the pizza emoji next to Hadid’s name in the Snapchat. This girl loves her junk food and is unapologetic about it. She’s basically the JLaw of supermodels, and we love it.

Girlfriend loves her pizza…

And mac ‘n cheese…

And more pizza…

And waffles with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and powdered sugar…


Back in March, Hadid spoke to Elle Magazine about her carb-loaded diet and admitted, “Right now my diet is pizza, so recently that’s all I’ve been eating. I’m not really a big ‘working out’ person, but I definitely like to do cardio when I do.”

But remember, bodies are built in different shapes and sizes, and require different things to make them healthy. And when Bella says her diet is pizza and grilled cheese, more power to her, but we’re guessing she has some healthy choices in there, too.

You should listen to your own gut (literally) when it comes to figuring out what makes you healthy and happy.