Have you ever wanted to take a sip of Vincent van Gogh’s masterpiece, “The Starry Night?” Some lucky latte-lover got the chance to do so thanks to the mind-blowing coffee art of South Korean barista, Kangbin Lee.

Lee works coffee miracles at Seoul’s C. Through Cafe, where he recreates iconic paintings of the masters, our favorite scenes from Disney classics, and cartoons are too cute to drink. He even throws in some standard heart-shaped latte art every once in a while.

How does Lee do it? What are his secrets? Our only explanation is that Lee must be a magic coffee wizard.

We’re not crying at how beautiful this is, you are!

Ariel has honestly never looked so beautiful.

Here’s a video of Lee at work. We can gather that he uses edible inks and a dotting tool to manipulate the foam and colors. We can also gather that this latte sloth might be the cutest thing to grace the internet.

And although Lee can create beautiful intricate pieces of art in a cup, he is also more than capable of simplifying his art to make adorable little coffee critters.

How can we consume a critter so cute?

Pretty easily, we guess!

Has anyone ever thought to open a latte art museum? It might take a bit of brainpower to figure out the logistics, but with art this good — it’s certainly worth a try!

We salute you and your latte art, Kangbin Lee! If we ever get to sip from your holy grails of foam and caffeine, we will truly feel like our bucket list is complete!