Wei-Ning Yu
Updated Jul 29, 2017 @ 1:56 pm
cocktail named after a bad review
Credit: Getty Images

Every establishment knows reviews are part and parcel to running a business, especially in the age of the Internet. And yes — there are bound to be bad reviews, ranging from uber constructive criticism to the punishing complain-about-everything-type reviews. Again, it comes with running a business. So, imagine our surprise when we learned The Old Butcher’s, a bar in the UK, decided to teach a negative reviewer a lesson by naming a cocktail after him. Like we said, dissatisfied customers are allowed to leave bad reviews. And sometimes, a bad review is necessary. But, TBH, we’re finding this bar’s level of pettiness in response kind of inspirational.

After visiting The Old Butcher’s in Bristol, ‘Wayne S’ posted the following on Trip Advisor.

(Alright, we admit — this isn’t the most constructive review. But who said reviews had to be constructive in the first place?)

And this is The Old Butcher’s posted this in response to Wayne S’ review.

What happened to the days of privately reaching out to the customer and trying to get down to the root of the problem? What happened to trying to appease the dissatisfied customers? Or will this be the new form of customer service we’ll come to know in the future? A passive aggressive post on a very public Internet platform that says:

Yeesh! We’d hate to be Wayne S. right now. Still — he does have a drink named after him, and we don’t. So it can’t all be bad.