Jill Layton
Updated Jan 26, 2015 @ 2:16 pm

We hate to spread negativity, but something awful is happening that you should be aware of. As of last week, Cadbury British chocolates are no longer being imported to the United States.

Take a minute if you need to. OK, you good?

The devastating decision is a result of a lawsuit settlement between the Hershey’s Company and two of the major importers of British chocolates in the United States — LA-based Let’s Buy British Imports (L.B.B.) and New Jersey-based Posh-Nosh Imports. Cadbury isn’t the only chocolate no longer being shipped to the United States — also British-made KitKat bars, Toffee Crisps, Yorkie chocolate bars and Maltesers.

The reason for the lawsuit?

According to The New York Times, Jeff Beckman, a spokesperson for Hershey’s, said that many of the products being imported by L.B.B. and Posh-Nosh Imports weren’t supposed to be sold in the United States. Hershey has its own licensing agreement to manufacture their own version of British chocolates in the United states. Which means, the recipe is different, but the packaging is similar. Beckman explained:

It is important for Hershey to protect its trademark rights and to prevent consumers from being confused or misled when they see a product name or product package that is confusingly similar to a Hershey name or trade dress.”

For example: Yorkie chocolate bar infringes on York Peppermint Patty, and the packaging of Toffee Crisp is very similar to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup packaging.

OK, yeah. Those are pretty similar. But the words are different! Can’t that be enough? We need our British chocolates! The American version of British chocolates, which will still be available in the States, are good in a pinch, but not the same.

Want to know the major difference between the chocolate recipes that will affect your taste buds and life?

The first ingredient in British Cadbury Dairy Milk (a simple, but delicious, milk chocolate bar) is milk. In the American-made version, the first ingredient is sugar. So, ultimately, British chocolates are creamier and fudgier — pretty important attributes in chocolate.

We are sad to see the chocolates go, but the good news is — now our friends won’t have trouble finding us souvenirs to bring back from their trips to London!

Anyone going to London anytime soon? Here’s what we need you to bring back:

British Kit-Kats. Obvs.

These malted delicious balls of goodness.

This chocolate-covered crispy rice and toffee treat.

The honeycomb flavored Yorkie bar, please.

The classic milk chocolate bar.

AND DON’T FORGET THIS ONE! It’s got caramel. Thanks.

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