Jill Layton
April 16, 2016 10:02 am

There’s a new meme making its way around Japan that compares baby arms to bread, and it’s the most accurate thing we’ve seen all day. We’d never noticed the similarities between baby arms and bread, but now we can’t stop noticing them.

Japanese parents are taking pictures of their baby’s arms next to the popular Japanese “pull apart bread,” which can be found at Japanese 7-Eleven stores, and they look so similar. Baby arms have never looked so delicious.

Seriously, the similarities are almost uncanny.

Translation: “My second child’s bread, 100 days old.”

Translation: “I don’t know which is the bread.”

If the bread was attached to a body, we wouldn’t know the difference either.

The comparison of food to children (and pets) is nothing new for Japanese social media users, as they’ve created the  “rice ball baby” meme and memes where they stretch their pet’s cheeks to look like mochi balls.

Some people didn’t have access to the bread at the time the photo was taken, but it didn’t even matter, because the bread might as well have been there.

People have been noticing the similarities for years, and many are thrilled that other people’s babies have the same look.

Translation: “This tag is such a solace! I couldn’t help to post the photo from last year!”

BuzzFeed brought our attention to the memes, and we’re so glad they did. Because bread just got so much more adorable.