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Updated Aug 14, 2015 @ 12:10 pm

We’d like to dedicate this post to all of our fellow awkward friends out there who live and breathe in bodies that don’t always connect with their overthinking brains. We get you. Sometimes, it can be really hard just acting like a totally normal person who fits in with the world around you when glasses filled with liquid get in the way of your hands, and an overwhelming urge to fix a wedgie trumps all conversation and you can’t tell if someone is rubbing their nose because they’re telling you to wipe yours. If you feel us, then you’ll probably identify with some of these things:
1. A crippling fear of high-fives

Because they can go so wrong.

2. The horror of chopsticks

3. That moment when you forget how to hold your arms

4. Why just “popping your head” into your boss’s office is never going to happen

Because it’s terrifying.

5. The overwhelming concern that someone else will think what happened in the bathroom was you when it wasn’t.

6. Overthinking pronunciations of words so you sound like you maybe have an accent.

“I will have the Sea SCAWL-OPs, please.”

7. How very, very hard it is to whisper

8. That some chairs don’t work properly

And we are magnets for them.

9. Why you’re talking with your hand over your mouth

10. Always thinking the bad smell is you

11. The fact that you will, more likely than not, have tissue caught on your shoe

12. Skipping over #12 because not skipping #12 would be the suave, totally cool thing to do. OOPS.

13. That “fancy attire” really means “you will not be able to properly dress for this event”

14. How hard it is to keep your bra straps in place (especially in an interview)

15. Remembering someone’s name but being afraid to use it in case you’re wrong

16. Choking on your own spit suddenly and without warning

17. How hard it is to talk, then listen, then talk, then listen

18. Feeling like you are definitely itchier/scratchier than other people

Because you are.

19. Dancing-in-public induced terror (unless you’re drunk, then it’s ON)

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