Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

The Instagram food museum phenomenon is going mobile: A new bus dubbed “Guaclandia” is embarking on a tour of America this weekend. This is peak avocado adoration.

The interactive exhibit (created by the Wholly Guacamole company), which kicks off in San Francisco today, includes all the trappings of these photo-friendly, food-themed pop-ups: There’s a “pop-art style” avocado wall where you can pose for photos, and an oversized avocado-shaped chair where you can sit in the pit. There’s also a “retro” arcade, where guests can compete for prizes. At the claw machine, you can try to snap up an avocado pool float, pins, and tote bags.

Following in the tradition of the many food-themed exhibits that have been popping up lately, there is also a pool where you can hang out and, of course, snap more pics for the ‘gram. The Museum of Ice Cream has its infamous sprinkle pool, and Candytopia has one filled with marshmallows—Guaclandia has a ball pit complete with a slide.

A roaming avocado-themed photo booth sounds like a treat on its own, but I’m sure you’re even more intrigued by the idea of free food: Yes, Guaclandia does promise “bottomless guacamole” for visitors, meaning that if you get hungry in between photo shoots, there will be snacks on hand to keep you satisfied. A backdrop for your latest Instagram influencer shot and unlimited access to guacamole? Sounds like a win to me.

The bus is headed to a few select cities in America this summer—most of them on the West Coast (all you East Coast-based avocado enthusiasts will just have to keep snapping pictures of your homemade guacamole): Seattle, Los Angeles, and Chicago. You can find the full schedule of stops here.

Though New Yorkers are missing out on Guaclandia, there’s consolation: the Rosé Mansion has opened its doors in Midtown and if you love to drink wine and take selfies, you won’t want to miss it.