Sundi Rose
January 07, 2017 9:40 am

Everything is better with a little avocado. You could probably rub it on wound and it would make it heal better (though we don’t suggest it). The point is, it’s that versatile. Thanks to our buds at Starbucks, you can now get an avocado spread for your lunch. Now you know where we’ll be lunching for the rest of our lives.

Starbucks sneakily introduced the spread, making it available in only a few markets.

Even though it’s not widely available just yet, folks have been raving about it.

According to Cosmpolitan, the spread apparently doesn’t taste exactly like the guacamole you’d expect. But it’s supposedly delicious nonetheless.

Not all testers were as willing to get onboard the “avocado spread” train.

Some people were much more incredulous, wondering why it wasn’t just called plain old guacamole.

No matter what you call it, it looks super yummy.

The avocado spread isn’t the only thing that’s a bit of secret. In fact, Starbucks has an entire secret menu from which can pick all sorts of fun treats. Remember last summer when the Pink Drink took over our drink orders? Yup. That started as a limited release, too. So there’s hope for this avocado spread.