Kenya Foy
August 22, 2017 8:40 am

It wouldn’t be a typical week on social media if someone didn’t baffle and outrage the masses by sharing a controversial recipe. The latest food-related kerfuffle took place when Twitter account @TheFitFood shared an avocado mac ‘n’ cheese recipe, Eater reports. ICYDK, people are extremely sensitive when it comes to how to eat an avocado, even when they’re not the ones consuming it.

If adding in avocado is one of your personal favorite creative ways to enjoy mac ‘n’ cheese, keep doin’ you. We won’t judge, but there are some outspoken folks on Twitter who certainly will.

When the TheFitFood shared a mac ‘n’ cheese recipe that included a suggestion to substitute cheese with avocado puree, their mentions were set ablaze with people who flat-out disagreed.

Despite TheFitFood’s heart-eyes rating, others weren’t impressed by the mac ‘n’ cheese’s Dr. Seuss-like green appearance.

Yikes. Apparently, you’re supposed to know what appeals to the appetites of the general public and what will be widely detested before you post it online, but people are determined to find that out the hard way, so here we are (yet again).

TheFitFood shared the video and incurred the wrath as a result, but as Eater points out, PopSugar originally posted the recipe back in 2015, touting it as a “go-to winter comfort food.”

We’re not sure why TheFitFood chose to bring this recipe back to the forefront, but based on the general consensus on avocado mac ‘n’ cheese, we don’t expect it to be the subject of any #foodporn shots.