Credit: 20th Century Fox

Avatar, the story of a tribe of blue aliens who live in a world in which we all wished we lived, is becoming a new theme land at Walt Disney World. And, as is to be expected with all Disney theme areas, Pandora: World of Avatar will have a corresponding theme restaurant.

We’ve been obsessing over Avatar Land for a while now. But, it’s the menu for the Satu’li Canteen, the land’s fast casual restaurant, that’s making us price out flights. We can’t get there soon enough.

Inspired by the Na’vi’s love and care for the land from which they come, the establishment will serve up healthy and sustainable foods with South American and Asian touches. And they’ll also serve up more standard American food, too. A “sustainable fish bowl” shares space on the menu with “cheeseburger steamed pods,” and a “slow roasted sliced grilled beef bowl.”

But it’s the desserts that have caught our fancies.

The decadent desserts in Na’vi colors look like vibrant illustrations.

The Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse sports a decadent blue and yellow space-age orb with passion fruit. We want to both revel in it and eat it.

The Chocolate Cake with a Crunchy Cookie, Banana Cream, and Goji Berries might look like an Earth Turkey, but sounds like it’ll taste other-worldly. Made with antioxidant rich dark chocolate, it’s topped with a crunchy wafer and a goji berry.

“The chocolate-banana is a great flavor combination,” Executive Pastry Chef Stefan Riemer told the Disney Parks blog. “Then we added goji berry on top – it tastes a little like a raisin, and we hydrated it with simple syrup. The taste of the goji berry with the banana cream and chocolate is a lovely balance of flavors.”

Brightly-colored Pandora-themed refreshments are available at a stand called Pongu Pongu, which means “party party” in Na’vi. And we have to admit we love the sound of that. Plus, guests can wash down their desserts with a “bioluminescent frozen cocktail” and “indigenous beers.” Um…yes please!

If you can’t transport yourself there right now, you can at least take a virtual tour.

We’re SO there. Soon, soon.