Kathryn Lindsay
August 07, 2015 10:12 am

The best thing about art is that there’s no wrong way to create it. And making art with Oreos? That sounds pretty right.

That’s exactly what artist Tisha Cherry has been doing over on her Instagram for the past three years. Using the cookie as a canvas and the cream filling as the paint, Cherry has recreated everything from American Gothic to Grumpy Cat. Just take a look:

All this crazy cool creating stared with the time Cherry “saw Bart Simpson’s silhouette in a pile of crumbled Butterfingers while prepping for brownies.” Now, when she looks at food, she looks for the art within.

Along with Oreos, Cherry is an expert in another one of our fave things: puns. Every Instagram comes with a lol-worthy caption that makes her art even cuter.

I don’t know what I want to nom more: That pizza or that Oreo.

For more mouth-watering delights, head over to Instagram. For more Oreos, sorry, I ate them.

(Images via Instagram.)