The Rotterdam-based multi-medium artist Stephan Brusche has a banana to pick with art. Many, in fact. Under his Instagram alias of iSteef, Brusche regularly posts handmade, original, sculpture-shrines made only from bananas and ballpoint pens. His renderings span from renditions of great art works (like his banana version of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”) to sillier scenes (like his banana Bert and Ernie). Needless to say, this great collection is a treasure trove of possible knock-knock jokes.

iSteef recently told BoredPanda that he was “mostly inspired by animals and popular movies” — though the artist does a fair amount of Biblical recreations, as well. He basically follows his whims, wherever these go.

As iSteef, Brusche joins the ranks of hundreds of artists and curators who now generate or show original content specifically for an Instagram audience. Perhaps something about scrolling echoes the way we walk through a museum — except on an iPhone, you can ostensibly pause for days in front of the pieces you like.

Super fans can obtain an iSteef banana art wall calendar via the artists’ website, where one can also find samples of Brusche’s less — err, yellowy? — art works. Unsurprisingly, all of Brusche’s pieces embrace unusual subjects. His “Animal Skull Alphabet” and “Monster Book Club” collections recall Edward Gorey’s attention to detail and silly sensibility.

There’s also something about Instagram that feels especially conducive to the cheeky artist, who can hold your attention for a moment and then let it drift away. We say: here, here. Down with the selfies and up with playing with your food!

(All images via Instagram)