Arby's Gives Fans A Sneak Peek At Its New Manhattan Restaurant
Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Arby's Restaurant Group Inc.

We don’t quite know what to say about this, so we’re just gonna come right out with it: Arby’s will introduce a deer meat sandwich by the end of the month. According to Uproxx, the venison sandwiches are being rolled out in 17 locations where deer hunting is a favorite pastime, so those customers will probably be more than happy to pull up and order the new menu item like it’s NBD.

Since the idea of having a deer as a pet still appeals to us, we kind of need a moment to process this. But we suppose it’s not the weirdest fast food menu item we’ve ever heard, so we’ll manage somehow.

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Moving on, Arby’s describes the sandwich as “100% deer meat.” In an official statement regarding the launch of the restaurant chain’s “It’s Meats Season” hunting season campaign, Rob Lynch, Arby’s Brand President & Chief Marketing Officer explained the deer sandwich choice:

Needless to say, Twitter has already gone in with the expected barrage of painful venison puns (from which we’ll spare you), but we’ll have to stay tuned for what the masses say when the deer sandwich actually hits select stores next month.